Elegant Entrances: Crafting Doors That Impress

Uncover the perfect blend of form and function with our expertly crafted doors. Whether you seek to make a bold statement or crave a whisper of elegance, our diverse range of doors is designed to elevate your home’s aesthetic while fortifying its safety. Embrace the personalized touch of local craftsmanship with every entrance and exit. Experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing every detail is tailored to your life and style.

Design Your New Palladio Door

Ever dreamt of designing your own door? At Connolly Windows & Doors, we turn your dream into reality. Our interactive design tool lets you choose your style, colour, glass and hardware. 

Your door is more than just an entryway – it’s a statement of your style. Now, you have the canvas to create a welcoming entrance that reflects your taste, with just a few clicks. 

Residential Doors

Our selection of residential doors is crafted to cater to the unique character of each home. With an array of customizable options, you can create a welcoming entrance that reflects your personal style and meets your specific needs.

Design Your Door, Your Way

  • Color Harmony: Choose from a palette of colors to find the perfect match for your home’s aesthetic.
  • Design Diversity: Select from a variety of door designs that speak to your taste.

Strength Meets Style

Beyond their visual appeal, our residential doors stand as a testament to security and durability. Constructed with robust materials and designed with superior insulating properties, they serve as the ideal gateway for both front and rear entry points.

Maintenance-Free Elegance

Enjoy the beauty of your door year after year with minimal upkeep. Our residential doors are built to withstand the elements, eliminating the need for repainting and frequent maintenance.

Accessorize with Elegance

Personalize your entryway with a suite of accessories:

  • Panels & Glass: From classic to contemporary, choose the panel and glass that resonate with your home’s vibe.
  • Handles, Letterboxes & Knockers: Add the finishing touches with our premium hardware options.

Embrace the intersection of functionality and elegance with our residential doors — the cornerstone of your home’s first impression.

Composite Doors

Our Palladio Composite Door collection is designed for effortless upkeep, robust longevity, and is available in a diverse array of dimensions and designs. Each 65mm door is fortified with fiberglass reinforcement, ensuring a sturdy barrier that stands the test of time.

Superior Insulation, Unmatched Quality

Embrace the pinnacle of thermal efficiency with our composite doors, featuring impressive U Value ratings that enhance your home’s energy conservation:

  • Solid Door: Achieve a U Value of 0.85 including the frame.
  • Glazed Door: Enjoy a U Value of 0.98 including the frame.

These ratings are not just numbers; they represent our commitment to providing you with doors that ensure a comfortable, energy-efficient home.

Security Meets Sophistication

Security doesn’t forgo style with our doors. Equipped with a high-security locking mechanism — including 2 hooks, 2 shootbolts, and 4 rollers — and paired with a visually concealed hinge, these doors offer peace of mind with a clean, elegant finish.

A Door That Defines Your Home

Whether you’re setting the cornerstone for a new build or upgrading an existing entryway, our Palladio Composite Doors are the perfect fusion of thermal performance, security, and aesthetic appeal, tailored to make a statement that resonates with style and functionality.

French Doors

Whether you’re embarking on a new construction, breathing new life into a renovation, or expanding with an extension, our French Doors are designed to elevate your space with an infusion of light and the illusion of increased area.

Design That Complements Your Space

Crafted to blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic, our French Doors offer the flexibility of opening inwards or outwards, making them a perfect fit even in rooms where space is at a premium.

Traditional Charm, Contemporary Functionality

Choosing our French Doors means opting for a timeless design that provides a graceful transition between your home’s interior and your garden’s tranquility. They stand as a classic and elegant alternative to patio or bi-fold doors, offering unobstructed passage and visual continuity.

Customization at Its Finest

In line with our commitment to bespoke craftsmanship, each set of French Doors comes with an array of customization options. From the limitless hardware selections to the extensive range of Renolit Foil colour finishes, your doors will be as unique as your home. Enhanced with superior sealing and PCE concealed gaskets, our doors don’t just look impeccable — they offer unmatched protection against the elements.

Patio Doors

Our patio doors are the epitome of versatility, offering a seamless transition from your home to your conservatory or porch. Designed with elegance and security in mind, our doors feature a sleek handle and locking system with outward opposing hooks to ensure your space is secure and visually pleasing.

Custom Configuration for Your Space

  • Flexible Design: Choose from two, three, or four pane options to suit the scale of your project.
  • Enhanced Security: Rest easy with our high-security hook locking mechanism designed for your peace of mind.

Illuminate and Insulate

Crafted to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, our patio doors invite generous amounts of natural light while providing superior insulation.

Smooth Operation, Stylish Appearance

Experience effortless functionality with easy-glide tracks and rollers that promise smooth and silent sliding. Opt for doors that slide internally or externally, according to your preference and spatial requirements.

Slimline for Maximum Impact

Our patio doors feature a slimline profile, maximizing daylight and expanding your view of the outdoors. Pair them with side panels to create a striking “wall of glass” effect that transforms any room into a panoramic retreat.

Elevate your living space with the charm and practicality of our patio doors – where security meets the beauty of design.

Bi-Fold Doors

Welcome to our premium bi-fold door collection, where sophistication meets functionality in every fold. Our ultra-slim frames and expansive glass panels are engineered to transform and elevate your living space, offering a sleek solution to space and style.

A Seamless Transition for Every Occasion

  • Flexibility at Its Finest: Whether you want to open up your space entirely, allow just a breeze, or close off the world, our bi-fold doors adapt to your desires.
  • Customizable Convenience: Tailored to fit everyday accessibility, practical ventilation, and seamless indoor-outdoor continuity, our doors cater to your lifestyle.

Thermal Efficiency Meets Striking Design

With high-quality thermal insulation integrated into each door, experience the comfort of temperature regulation throughout the seasons. Our bi-fold doors aren’t just about the visual appeal; they’re about creating an energy-efficient environment.

The Ultimate ‘WOW’ Factor

For those seeking to impress, our bi-fold doors are the answer. The elegant aluminium construction not only transforms any room but also enhances the overall value of your property with its stunningly attractive appeal.

Ready to experience the transformative power of our bi-fold doors? Reach out for more details and let’s create your next statement space.

Lift & Slide Doors

Transform your space with our signature Aluminium Lift & Slide Doors, a customer favorite renowned for its ability to turn any home into an architectural masterpiece.

Craft Your Panoramic Paradise

Our Lift & Slide Doors redefine your living space with expansive glass panels that invite the outside in. Achieve breathtaking views and an open, airy ambiance without compromising on security or thermal efficiency.

Sustainable Living Meets Luxurious Design

Bask in the abundance of natural light that these doors usher into your home, reducing the need for artificial lighting and contributing to energy savings. Embrace a greener lifestyle with a touch of sophistication.

Expansive Elegance for Modern Living

Designed with modern homes in mind, our larger Lift & Slide options are ideal for substantial openings — perfect for new constructions, stylish extensions, or reviving renovation projects. They are the epitome of modern elegance, offering seamless operation, cutting-edge design, and a flood of natural light.